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It all started when Ken Chamitoff, the president of Pro-Motion Pictures offered martial arts photography services to karate schools.  Believe it or not, our founders were the first innovators in the industry to offer digital photography and "graphic design backgrounds" to the martial arts community.   With a life long passion for photography and a dedicated practicioner of various styles of Martial Arts, Ken has developed a keen eye for capturing quality images of correct martial arts' technique, and that attention to detail has been intigrated into the expectations of our entire staff of designers and photographers.  When we visit your dojo, we take great photos of your students AND your staff in action. We capture everything from fast action flying kicks to great form, and since we have a ton of experience working with multiple styles, we can adapt to your specific needs and techniques.  Being sensitive to foot and hand position, posture and technique, truly sets our photo products apart from competitors.  Traditional Karate photos are different from Taekwondo photos, and Kung Fu Photography ought to be different then BJJ or stylized MMA promo shots.   Martial Arts Photography covers a broad spectrum of styles.  The diverse marketing needs of various school owners has expanded our services to include a plethera of media and promotional products.  Martial Arts school owners have a unique opportunity to earn free marketing credits and an annual student composit simply by allowing us the privilege of photographing their students and offering them exceptional cool photos and stunning design art packages.  Read the reviews below and find out why so many consider our services the best in the market.  We have successfully served over 2500 martial arts schools Nationwide. 



Pride ATA Martial Arts:


Ken~ we got the brochures today and we love them!! They really  do pop, and that is exactly what we wanted!!  I want to continue...  The work looks great!!!

LIzbeth Ahn.


Our commitment to quality and service has made us a favorite vendor for many of our clients and customers. Consistently putting customer service and satisfaction as a high priority has been one of our ongoing goals. Here are just a few of the positive responses from our clients:


A Martial Arts School owner from Herndon, VA says:
"We used two companies to take pictures this year. You were the second company, so not as many people had pictures taken as last time. Next time, we will only go with you. You set the standard for pictures."

This quote comes from a Canadian Martial Arts school owner and photography client

"You and your staff are awesome!! - Thank you." 
- Master H Fraser


This quote comes from one of our Martial Arts school photography clients:

"We've been using different companies over the years and we're stuck on you now. It's good stuff!" 
- Master A. Cho


Ms E. Wood, a 3 year client, from one of our Arizona Martial Arts school photo shoots, says in regards to our owner's growth tools:

"The instructor and leadership posters were incredible. The way you superimposed photos was. . . It was awesome!"


Complimenting our martial arts photographers Master T. Mullis says,

"You guys do a great job! Lookin' forward to next year."


Testimonial recieved by email from another happy customer:


I couldn't wait to send you an e-mail regarding your staff. My son was scheduled to take his pictures at his school. Unfortunately, he came down with a case of the chicken pox that very day. He was devastated since this was his frst opportunity to get his pictures taken as a student. But I was very surprised, and pleased, with the way your staff handled our special situation. We were told we could reschedule at a more convenient date. So I phoned back today (after the marks went away...grins). First I spoke to your office manager who was very helpful. What an angel he was! I was all ready to travel to your office today when you phoned me back and asked if I could reschedule the re-takes-till 11/18 or 11/19, when Boster will be in town again for a tournament. Your customer service went above and beyond the call of duty. You could have just accepted the fact that I would be travelling there today and secure a sale for your company. But instead you made sure that the situation was more convenient for me by looking into other options. I am very pleased with the customer service your employees have demonstrated and look forward to doing business with you.

Have a great day. Please pass this message on to your office manager who made my son a very happy young man.



Testimonial from a Martial Arts School on a Virginia photo shoot:

On March 16 and 17, 2007, your company conducted a photo shoot at our martial arts academy. In our opinion, the photo shoot was an outstanding success. Your crew members were outstanding - easily the best Photo-kicks crew we have had visit us to date. They functioned as a well-oiled machine, processing 89 people over a total of 11 hours with no significant delays. Moreover, our Academy continues to receive rave reviews of not just the high quality of the martial arts photography, but also the professionalism your crew displayed.

(They) are clearly outstanding assets to your company. They represent the outstanding customer service we have come to expect from Boster Photo-kicks.

Please add us to your list of satisfied customers. We look forward to your 2008 visit.


C. J.
Chief Executive


Sensei Frank says:

"I really appreciate how you went out of your way and were willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. It is rare that you come across customer service such as yours and find people willing to step up and create results."


School owner from Woodstock, Ga says:

"Can't say enough about the photographers!"


Another satisfied Martial Arts photography customer testimonial:

Thanks a lot for all your help. It is important for me that this was taken care of. I've been through a lot of photographers and was never pleased, however, my students and I were really pleased with your work.... Once again thank you.

John S.
Atlanta, GA


A happy photography customer writes in once again...


Dear Photo-Kicks:

On March 8 and 9, 2008, your company conducted what has become an annual photo shoot at our Academy.

In our opinion, this yearly event was once again an outstanding success. Your
crew members...were outstanding - easily the best Photo-Kicks crew we have had visit us to date.

I have dealt with perhaps a dozen photographers from different companies over the past decade. [Your photographer], in my opinion, is the best martial arts photographer I have seen. My senior students, in particular, have commented on his ability to produce quality pictures of some very difficult martial arts techniques in a minimum of shots.

[Your salesman] processed orders from 70+ people over a total of 13 hours with no significant delays. In the face of this huge demand, his pleasant demeanor and easy way of handling my clients brought several positive comments. 
Our Academy continues to receive rave reviews of both the high quality of the photography and the professionalism your crew displayed. [The team members] are clearly very valuable assets to your company. They represent the outstanding customer service we have come to expect from Photo-Kicks.

I remain a satisfied customer, and look forward to your 2009 visit.

-C. J.
Martial Arts School Owner & on-going school photography client


Testimonial from a South Carolina Martial Arts School Owner:

I want to thank your guys for doing a great job with my students. I had nothing but response from the parents and looking forward to next years shoot.



Mr. Bartlinski says:

"Loved the photographers. They were really nice guys."


A Martial Arts school owner in New York says:

"Photographers had a lot of patience."


A happy Martial Arts photography client in Florida writes:
"I would never, ever go to anybody else! You guys are the best."


Testimonial from a satisfied Martial Arts school owner:
"I won't work with anyone else but you guys."





I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful day we had with your photographers.  They did a phenomenal job.  Their patience with the students and the parents was excellent. Their great eye for detail made a world of difference in these shots.  It was easy to see they like what they do and enjoy working with people.
I know I will remember to ask, but we would love to have them come back again next year to "the flying school".  We promise to have more flyer's for them!
Thank you again,

Bridget Wisz
TM Martial Arts
Joliet, Il 
Tim Harrison, Owner


I just wanted to let you all know how happy we were with our experiences with Photo-Kicks. Our son began taking Taekwondo lessons shortly before portraits were scheduled last year. The photographer was enthusiastic, patient, and just plain awesome! The pictures were incredible, in both quality and style. Although my son was a beginner, they were able to capture some really great shots. And the graphical design and quality has to be some of the best I've seen for this level of photography. Picture day at Master Rousseau's rolled around again today. My son is no longer a novice, and once again, your photographer was able to capture the best shots with a completely energetic and good-natured attitude. These portraits mean so much to me, but most importantly, they instill a real sense of pride and achievement in my son. He can see how awesome he really is, thanks to how awesome you guys are!!

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