Pro-Motion Pictures is an award winning nationally recognized multi-media production company specializing in inspirational motion pictures, photography and advertising.  The company serves businesses and organizations in almost every U.S. state, as well as much of Canada. Our clients range from martial arts schools, dance studios and volleyball clubs to real-estate brokerages, fashion designers, manufacturers and small businesses.  Our creative team can service your needs virtually anywhere in North America.


    Founded in 2002, our company has enjoyed a spectacular growth rate and wild success.  With our roots firmly planted in the martial arts photography business, capturing action shots, edifying high performers, and photographing people at their best has became second nature to us. Our unique format has exposed us to literraly hundreds of thousands of clients annually and has taught us how to create efficient and predictable delivery systems as well as excellent customer service proceedures.  We believe that our growth is predicated on our punctuality, creativity, and customer service.   Our goal is that each client, large or small, feels important, as if they were our only client.  Our team loves to be creative.  We  treat each  project as if it was our own show piece.  Now, after several years of operation, our business is expanding to include a wider variety of clients, embracing the talents of a wider variety of creative staff, and offering a wider spectrum of creative services. 


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