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All Pro-Motion Pictures' photographers have been hand selected by the founder Ken Chamitoff.  The criteria of the selection was based on a combination of 5 critical elements that the founder believes are essential in order for our clients to experience excellent service and receive exceptionally high quality photography.


1.) Personality - Our photographers must be able to make people feel comfortable.


2.) Accountability - Our photographers are punctual, handle finances, digital files and reports accurately.  


3.) Presentation - Our photographers show up clean, well groomed and conservatively dressed in company attire.


4.) Skill - Our photographers have a high level of technical photography skills and experience.


5.) People Skills - Our photographers are collaborative and cooperative, understanding how to work with others while under time and other pressures.  They maintain harmony with their clients.  


6.) Equipment - Our photographers use well maintained state-of-the-art professional equipment . 


If for some reason you are unsatisfied with the quality of service you received from one of our photographers, please email Ken Chamitoff directly at  We consider the quality of your experience to be a vital component of our business relationship. 

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