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Ken Chamitoff

   Ken Chamitoff is a dynamic force in the photography, martial arts, and media industry, with a career spanning decades. Starting as a stuntman in the 80's and then making waves behind the scenes as a casting director, he has left his mark on numerous renowned feature films and television shows. In 1987, he opened his own cutting-edge photography and multimedia studio in the heart of Los Angeles, specializing in captivating portraits and fashion photography. Ken's exceptional talent and collaborative spirit have earned him the trust of top agents, managers, models, art departments, and film production companies.

    Driven by his vision of establishing a comprehensive production company, Ken cultivated lasting relationships and honed his expertise over nearly two decades in Hollywood. Recognizing a unique opportunity within the martial arts industry, he founded Pro-Motion Pictures. This venture led him to produce and direct his first thrilling, high-budget feature film, "Money Fight," starring an impressive cast including Ernie Reyes Jr., Ving Rhames, Frank Shamrock, John Savage, and George Takei.

    Ken's impact has transcended borders, and he is known by hundred of Masters and Grand Masters in the global martial arts community. The photography division of his production company expanded rapidly, propelling the company to earn a coveted spot on the INC 5000 list as one of America's fastest-growing private companies.

    Today, Ken resides in San Diego with his loving wife and best friend for over 30 years, Georgia.  He has two adult children, and he serves as the leader and creative director of Pro-Motion Pictures. He is asked to speak and inspire thousands of entrepreneurs annually through lectures and conventions across several industries, where he enjoys sharing empowering stories and insights on building a strong company vision for their brands.  Additionally, he enjoys traveling to support and learn from esteemed martial arts masters across North America.

    When asked about future projects, Ken's response remains constant and unwavering. His true passion lies in inspiring and empowering people through various creative mediums. Encouragement is deeply ingrained in his heart, and he will continue harnessing his creativity to uplift others until he simply cannot do so anymore.


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