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Ken Chamitoff began working in the entertainment industry as a stunt man in 1985 while majoring in Music at UCLA with a minor in Film & Television.   In 1988, he opened his first production / photography studio in downtown LA.  For nearly ten years, Ken focussed on photography, shooting for several top Hollywood Agents such as Elite Models, Ford, LA Models and others.  He photographed many Pro-Athletes, Established Models and Famous Actors such as James Cann, Bette Middler, Ving Rhames, George Takei, Mathias Hues and John Savage.  During that period honed his directing and visual skills by photographing headshots and portfolios for nearly 5,000 aspiring actors, models, and children.  


Between 1990 and 2002, Ken ventured into film and televsion casting.  He worked on  many tv shows and films ranging from Star Trek Next Generation, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  Men in Tights, Crimson Tide, Independence Day and others.  It was around this time frame that Ken began directing music videos and venturing into more commercial production work.   He spent several years continuing his education in Film Finance, Entertainment Law and Film Distribution at UCLA.


In 2002 Ken opened a photography business specializing in creating artwork for Martial Artists.  That business grew very quickly earning Ken and his partner Adam Boster a ranking in the Inc 5000 list.  Leveraging off the success of the martial arts photography business, Ken and Adam went on to produce the feature  film "Red Canvas" and later its' sequel, "Money Fight"   Both these films have earned national awards and have been distributed globally.


Today, Ken keeps his hands closely around Pro-Motion Pictures as its president.   In the Spring and Fall, you will most likely find him photographing his favorite martial arts masters throughout the US.  In the Winter and Summer, he will either be producing another feature film, writing, or spending time with his family. 


His creative passion is evident in everything he does and every project under his direction.




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